VSCode: Vue 2 or Vue 3 extensions per project

Up until Vue 2, Vetur has been the recommended VScode extension for Vue support.

Since the release of Vue 3 (which introduces first-class TypeScript support), the official recommendation is to use Volar/Vue Language Tools instead.

I'm currently working on multiple Vue.js projects (some Vue 2, some Vue 3), using the same VSCode installation.

As recommend, tried uninstalling Vetur and using Volar instead in some of the Vue 2 projects, but faced some (apparently) minor issues, such as this one, for example.

Since fixes to such issues required updates in the code (which could impact my colleagues' dev environments), and having nothing to complain about Vetur, I've decided to keep using Vetur for Vue 2 projects.

To do so, I have both extensions installed globally, and disabled on a project-by-project basis accordingly:

Credit goes to this Stack Overflow answer.