[TIL] Manage yarn via nvm

TIL that it's possible to manage via nvm. not only node versions, but also yarn versions.

The advantage of doing so (instead of one single installation via brew, for example), is that you're able to pin a specific yarn version to each node version.

For already installed node versions, make sure you're using the intended version (i.e., which node should print something like $NVM_DIR/versions/node/v20.10.0/bin/node) and then run npm install -g yarn.

For future node versions you'll install, there's a way to automatically install yarn alongside node, without needing to explicitly install.

We can use nvm's default global packages from file while installing.

To do so, create a text file at $NVM_DIR/default-packages:


Now no more old versions of yarn ๐ŸŽ‰, you'll get the latest every time you install a new node version.

You can also explore the possibility of adding other npm packages that might interest you, such as @vue/cli or nuxi, for example.


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