Integrating GitHub CLI in my workflow

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, I've been reflecting and looking for ways to increase my productivity in the next year.

For some time I've been considering integrating GitHub CLI in my workflow, aiming to reduce the back and forth between the terminal and the GitHub web UI.

Since I interact with pull requests pretty much everyday, several times a day, that's where I'll focus mainly.

Listing some useful commands below for reference.

Open repository in the web browser

gh browse

List open PRs

gh pr list

Get status of relevant PRs

gh pr status

View PR in the browser

gh pr view --web

Checkout a PR

gh pr checkout

Accepts PR number or branch name.

Create a PR

gh pr create

It's also possible to skip the interactive PR creation, by directly specify the title and body:

gh pr create --title "PR title" --body "PR body"

Other options:

Close PR

gh pr close

Other options:

The entire list of available commands and respective documentation can be found here.