About me

My name is Rami Shashati. I'm a software engineer with 10+ years experience, currently focusing on JavaScript, Docker, and DevOps.

I help teams and companies build and scale their applications using modern web technology and tools. For over three years, I have been consulting on software architecture, development, and process automation.

I embrace complex technical challenges and thrive on implementing objective solutions. I am always keen to learn, evolve, collaborate, and give my best to the success of the projects I’m working on.

This website is the platform I use to explore my technical writer facet, where I document and keep an archive of new cool things I learn and experiences I've gone through. I have a wide variety of interests, so expect to find resources covering diverse topics, from JavaScript to Linux, Vue.js to testing.

Tools & tech

The Node.js ecosystem is where I feel the most comfortable at and from where I normally get the tools that support my day-to-day dev work.

I'm particularly experienced in frontend development, namely Vue.js/Nuxt.js, Jamstack, static site generators, headless CMSs, API integration, and Cypress.js for end-to-end testing.

Lately, I've also been having a lot of fun doing some DevOps work: containers, CI/CD pipelines (GitLab), observability (Elastic Stack, New Relic), backup automation, and dabbling in cloud infrastructure (Azure).

Let's talk!

For any work inquiry or project you wish to talk about, feel free to get in touch.